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Select a symbol below to learn more about its meaning, history, and significance in Illuminati traditions.

Illuminati Pyramid Symbol

Illuminati Eye Symbol

Illuminati All Seeing Eye Symbol

Illuminati Eternal Circle Symbol

Illuminati Crossed Keys Symbol

Illuminati Obelisk Symbol

Illuminati Pendulum Symbol

Illuminati Ouroboros Snake Symbol

Illuminati Owl Symbol

Illuminati Gold Symbol

Illuminati Rhodium Metal Symbol

Illuminati Copper Metal Symbol

About Illuminati Symbols

Symbols of the Illuminati appear in thousands of locations across this planet: on currency, architecture, artwork, and in media of all kinds. Since our formation, many of the Illuminati’s symbols have been shrouded in mystery, which has led to confusion over their meanings and purpose. In this section of our public website, our organization will bring clarity to our symbols and offer insights into their true interpretations. For more, visit The Power And Purpose Of Illuminati Symbols.

Over the coming months, this section will continue to be updated with more of our symbology, including symbols that have not yet entered into the general public lexicon.

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